Renault Automobile

It’s a few minutes after dawn as we roll up to the gates of the track in Chennai. The sun hasn’t popped out yet and there’s an uncharacteristic cool breeze blowing. Once inside, we’re in for even more of a surprise. We sort of don’t recognise the place. Thing is, there’s a swanky new pit and garage building, and the part glass and metal facade is a bit out of character with the rest of the track. The gritty old MMRT, well some of it at least, seems set to fade into the background. What is great, however, is that the facilities are much improved now. The pits now have shutters, there are fans, and each pit even has its own flatscreen TV and a well-made bathroom.

What hasn’t changed too much, thankfully, is the track. Yes, there are a few more bumps, and it is
even quite lumpy in places. The car certainly moves around a bit more in C1 – the corner after the start/finish straight – and the kinks before the back straight upset the composure of the car a bit more too. Still, we can’t wait to get started and watch Narain weave his magic from behind the wheel.

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