The Red Satin Coat Is The Standout SS19 Trend At Milan Fashion Week

In the latest episode of "Things You Never Knew You Needed But Now Require Immediately", the red satin coat looms large. According to Prada, Versace, and Salvatore Ferragamo, next spring's coat purchase should come rendered in duchesse satin and maraschino cherry red, hitting just above the knee, or thereabouts.

All three labels showed iterations of the coat in the handful of opening looks at their shows in Milan. At Prada, the faintly A-line Sixties shape came garnished with a neat little bow on the collar. At Versace, it comprised the opening look, studded with Minstrel-sized gold buttons and a Seventies collar. At Ferragamo it took on a straighter, more masculine shape, and was paired with khaki.        Still, even that everyday styling couldn't undermine the coat's festive status. There is something utterly joyful about outerwear that is so impractical. Satin doesn't fare well in 99 percent of weather conditions. Its high thread count and surface lustre will not protect against wind, rain, sleet or slurry. It's a coquettish fabric, at once flamboyant and refined. In ruby red it takes on covetable status, the sort of thing a Fifties-era New York heiress might wear when she's trying to look darling, possibly with a black grosgrain bow in her hair.

How to wear it? With a funky, avant-garde shoe, apparently. Elsewhere, Milan's currently exploring its inner Kelly Slater, and little neoprene surf boots make an unexpected pairing with a ritzy fabric. Just don't go near any actual foam. This look is dry clean only.

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