Photography Tips : How to photograph fireworks


Photography Tips : Fireworks are an amazing sight—it’s definitely one that captures well on camera too. Be prepared and set up ahead of time to increase your chances for great results.

1.Predict where the fireworks will be so you can set up in a good spot. Most firework shows don’t last too long so if you have to move during the show you might miss it!

2. Keep the camera as still as possible. Use a tripod and a cable release so you can trigger the shutter without touching the camera.

3. Set your camera to ISO 100 for a clean looking shot. Fireworks are bright so you can also use a relatively small aperture around f/8 or smaller.

4. Press the shutter release right before the fireworks go off and release the shutter once the fireworks fade. Review your photograph, and adjust your framing and aperture if necessary for the next shot.