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Can You Still Make A Living From Blogging?

Can you make a living as a blogger? If you ask me, I’d say a BIG YES!

Yes, 90% of the blogs never make even $100 and yes there are thousands of websites going live every single day. But it’s also possible to make decent income from blogging.

I’m the live example. Let me quickly introduced myself – later we’ll discuss about how this blog can help you make a living from blogging. Let’s get started!

Who Is S.Gupta And What Does He Do?

Hi, I’m S.Gupta, a professional blogger from Kolkata, India and I launched this blog called Bloggers Passion on Jan 01st 2017.
I’ve a master degree in computers and I got the motivation to start Bloggers Pasion blog after seeing the success of some of leading blogs in blogging and make money online niche like Pro-blogger.
It’s been 2 years journey since I started this blog and blogging has evolved so much since then.

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